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Airbrush Tanning | Spray Tanning

Bronze Tanning Salon, located in Pooler GA, is very proud to offer our clients Airbrush Tanning / Spray Tan. A Spray Tan is great for those who are fair skinned and tend to burn easily but still don’t want to give up that nice glow.

Our airbrush tans are NOT the automated spray tans done in a booth! They are personally applied by one of our staff who is trained in airbrush tanning.

The airbrush tanning technique doesn’t use any UV rays, and yet it really can give you an almost instant tan once it is applied to your skin. The active ingredient which is found in most or the airbrush tanning solutions is called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This solution has been proven to be safe and even gentle on your skin.

As the tanning solution is sprayed onto the skin, the DHA reacts with your own skin’s amino acids which in turn produces melanin. That is the compound known to be responsible for the darkening of your skin. One airbrush tan is equivalent to nearly 6 complete sessions in a tanning bed, therefore making it a very convenient and economical method for tanning.

Spray Tan Pooler GAPerhaps you just don’t want to over expose yourself to UV rays? The nice thing about the Airbrush Spray Tan method is that it provides the best even coverage for a longer lasting tan.

Airbrush Tans | Airbrush Tan

What if you just need a quick tan for a special occasion, like a wedding, prom or special night out? The Airbrush Spray Tan is perfect for these specific needs.

What To Do Before a Spray Tan:

Before tanning, it’s very important to take a shower and then proceed to exfoliate your skin so as to remove any possible residue of cologne/perfume, lotions, deodorants  or any other substances that might be on your skin.

Any residue that happens to be on the skin will begin to act as a wall or barrier in which the airbrush tanning DHA solution put onto the surface of your skin. It would also be a really good idea for you to take off any jewelry you may be wearing.

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What To Do During:

During your airbrush tan you can wear a bathing suit, a bra that is strapless and your underwear. You can also wear patches to cover certain areas that you may not want to be tanned by the solution, including areas where you have tattoos  A a light colored tattoo, will slightly darken whenever we spray the tanning solution on it. The good news is that the darkened effect will only be temporary and should actually start to disappear very gradually in just a few days.

The content in the DHA solution is very safe to use on any area of the skin, and can actually help any freckles, scars and skin blemishes to be less noticeable. Since the tanning solution will take several hours for it to set into your skin you might want to wear clothing that is loose over the areas to be tanned.

What To Do After:

DHA has the tendency to stain fabrics such as silk, wool and nylon, so it would be advisable NOT to wear clothes with these fabrics right after your tanning session. If you end up having some stains on your clothing, you can begin to easily remove them by simply soaking the clothes in some water and solution of oxygen bleach.

An Airbrush Tan looks very natural and only take about 15 minutes to apply. These Spray Tans give you a dark, even color and they don’t take weeks to develop. How long do they usually last? They typically last about 7-10 days.

The bottom line is that we have tons of clients that absolutely love our Airbrush Tans / Spray Tans and we know you’ll love it too, so schedule an appointment today at our location in Pooler GA, and get the best airbrush spray tan around!

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